Games Collection: Best Free Games for Kids in 2022

Best Free Games for Kids in 2022. There are total 11 Games in this collection for Android.

Best Free Games for Kids in 2022

Lego® Duplo® Marvel 7.0.0 (Education App)

Lego® Duplo® Marvel

About: Join Spidey and other Marvel heroes for exciting adventures & pretend-play fun!...

Pikmin Bloom 90.1 (Adventure Game)

Pikmin Bloom

About: Walk on. Game on....

Gocco Zoo 5 (Education App)

Gocco Zoo

About: Gocco Zoo is a Magical Zoo that stimulates Kids' Creativity!...

Playmobil Mars Mission 1.1.157 (Adventure Game) New!

Playmobil Mars Mission

About: Explore Mars to rescue a lost astronaut!...

Tornado Time 1 (Arcade Game) New!

Tornado Time

About: Play a fun, physics based game where you wreak havoc with your tornadoes....

Molly of Denali 1.1.0 (Educational Game)

Molly of Denali

About: Explore and help others while learning about nature and village life....

Pet Bingo 1.7 (Education App)

Pet Bingo

About: Watch your child’s understanding of math grow with their very own pets!...

Pokémon Playhouse 1.2.2 (Entertainment App)

Pokémon Playhouse

About: Discover the fun activities throughout Pokémon Playhouse.... 3.1.32 (Education App)

About: Starfall offers numerous activities. Become a subscriber to access all content....

Toca Kitchen 2 2.6 (Educational Game)

Toca Kitchen 2

About: One app, tons of fun!...