Games Collection: Minimalist Puzzle Games

Get Lost in the Simplicity. There are total 22 Games in this collection for Android.

Minimalist Puzzle Games

Auralux 1.85 (Puzzle Game) New!


Auralux is an ambient RTS game that simplifies the genre to its strategic core...

Monolithic 1.01 (Casual Game) New!


Build a tower of impossible shapes in Monolithic...

Polka 1.4 (Casual Game) New!


Quite possibly the greatest game ever made...

Squares 1.0.10 (Puzzle Game) New!


From the creators of Pop the Lock, play our new game Squares...

Logic Traces 1.3.4 (Puzzle Game)

Logic Traces

Got puzzle. Got puzzle?...

UltraFlow 2 1.0.6 (Puzzle Game)

UltraFlow 2

The only challenge is your dexterity...

Color Flood 1.1.9 (Puzzle Game)

Color Flood

Beautiful color schemes, simply one of the best Color Flood game on Android!...

Brain Dots 2.18.5 (Puzzle Game)

Brain Dots

Drawing Puzzle Game...

Socioball 1.12 (Puzzle Game)


60+ puzzles where you get a ball to the finish by placing missing tiles in grids...

Running Circles 1.1.0 (Arcade Game)

Running Circles

You'll be Spinning around Dazed & Confused, hungry for one more go...