New Added Health & Fitness Apps for Android (New Releases)

Updated: April 19, 2024

New Releases in Health & Fitness Apps for Android

Momentory 2.1.0 (Health & Fitness App) New!


About: Mindful self-care journal. Private diary for busy people with busy minds...

Sleep Tracker 1.4.6 (Health & Fitness App) New!

Sleep Tracker

About: Sleep cycle tracker, snore recorder, smart alarm & relaxing sounds to aid sleep...

How to Last Longer 14.0 (Health & Fitness App) New!

How to Last Longer

About: Indulge in longer, more satisfying experiences....

Grace Health Period Tracker 2.21.4 (Health & Fitness App) New!

Grace Health Period Tracker

About: Period and ovulation tracker with health, sex, contraception & fertility advice...

White Noise - Sleep Sounds (Health & Fitness App) New!

White Noise - Sleep Sounds

About: Relax and sleep well with rain sounds, relaxing music, soothing sleep sounds....

Nutrilio 1.15.0 (Health & Fitness App) New!


About: Healthy Eating, Nutrition Diary, Diet Journal, Lose Weight & Calorie Counter...

Waterly 1.1.0 (Health & Fitness App) New!


About: Drink water regularly for weight loss and health with water tracker & reminder....

Tibio 1.3.2 (Health & Fitness App) New!


About: A simple and creatively designed app for tracking and analyzing your moods....

Line Fitness 1.31.2 (Health & Fitness App) New!

Line Fitness

About: The Official App for Line Fitness...

Healing Mind 3.16.3 (Health & Fitness App) New!

Healing Mind

About: Guided Hypnosis / meditation sessions, to sleep better, relax deeper and more...

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