New Added Music & Audio Apps for Android (New Releases)

Updated: January 30, 2023

New Releases in Music & Audio Apps for Android

Song Maker 3.0.6 (Music & Audio App) New!

Song Maker

About: Make your own music. Music creator for great songs. Song maker, editor & mixer....

Up Tempo 2.4.2 (Music & Audio App) New!

Up Tempo

About: Music editor, audio recorder, looper - Speed up & slow down music, change pitch...

Indiefy 1.0.11 (Music & Audio App) New!


About: Publish and sell your music on the most important digital platforms and stores...

Stufinder 1.1.4 (Music & Audio App) New!


About: Find & Book Recording Studios...

PianoMeter 3.3.4 (Music & Audio App) New!


About: A user-friendly app for professional-quality piano tuning. (Purchase required)...

Shuttle+ Music Player 2.0.17 (Music & Audio App) New!

Shuttle+ Music Player

About: 🎵 Shuttle Music Player is the music player of choice for your Android device 🎵...

Vythm JR 3.4.1 (Music & Audio App) New!

Vythm JR

About: The perfect music video maker. Visualize tons of effects with your own music...

DJ Mixer 1.1 (Music & Audio App) New!

DJ Mixer

About: DJ Mixer - New virtual 3D DJ App is a music player with a super cool 3D UI....

Easy Beat (Music & Audio App) New!

Easy Beat

About: Create Music like a Beatmaker with EasyBeat! More features with Drum pads....

Virtual DJ Mixer 1.3.1 (Music & Audio App) New!

Virtual DJ Mixer

About: The best application for making DJ Mix using the greatest tools...

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