New Added Educational Games for Android (New Releases)

Updated: December 9, 2023

New Releases in Educational Games for Android

Baby Panda's Science World (Educational Game) New!

Baby Panda's Science World

About: Play science games and explore the secrets of the world!...

Booba 6.0 (Educational Game) New!


About: Booba's collection of fun brain training mini-games for kids and children!...

Little Panda's Space Journey (Educational Game) New!

Little Panda's Space Journey

About: Start a space adventure!...

Baby Panda's Coloring Pages (Educational Game) New!

Baby Panda's Coloring Pages

About: Doodle, draw, and color to inspire baby's artistic creativity....

Little Panda's World Recipes (Educational Game) New!

Little Panda's World Recipes

About: Become a chef and cook delicacies from all over the world!...

Pocket Town 1.0.336 (Educational Game) New!

Pocket Town

About: Explore, discover quests, build a town and create a 3D fantasy community!...

Miffy 4.8 (Educational Game) New!


About: 28 learning games for kids to develop intelligence and other skills...

Meet the Vowels Flashcards 1.0 (Educational Game) New!

Meet the Vowels Flashcards

About: Guess the letter and flip the card to see it come to life!...

Fiete Save The World 1.0.0 (Educational Game) New!

Fiete Save The World

About: For children who want to become world savers....

Oxford Discover 1.1 (Educational Game) New!

Oxford Discover

About: Oxford Discover is a quiz game with content from Oxford University Press....

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