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War for Magincia 1.1.2 (Role Playing Game)

War for Magincia

Rule the kingdom of Magincia through war or diplomacy in a medieval simulator!...

Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two 1.1.7 (Role Playing Game)

Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two

The Carnival has come to Wayhaven. But are you prepared for this rollercoaster?...

Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One 1.1.7 (Role Playing Game)

Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One

Something stalks the shadows, and it's up to you to find out what!...

Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum 1.0.18 (Role Playing Game)

Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum

A slave. A gladiator. A champion. Who will you be? You decide....

Swamp Castle 1.0.18 (Role Playing Game)

Swamp Castle

Manage your castle's finances, resolve conflicts, and bring order to the realm....

Marine Raider 1.2.9 (Role Playing Game)

Marine Raider

Lead a platoon of Marine Raiders! Turn the tide of WW2 in this text-based game....

Tudor Intrigue 1.0.13 (Role Playing Game)

Tudor Intrigue

Politics, religion, love, and war in the court of Henry VIII of England....

Doomsday on Demand 2 1.0.11 (Role Playing Game)

Doomsday on Demand 2

Survival continues in the dark post-apocalyptic world!...

Hero or Villain 1.2.7 (Role Playing Game)

Hero or Villain

Battle enhanced aliens in gladiatorial contest to become the galaxy's champion!...

Scratch 1.0.9 (Role Playing Game)


Slain girls. A serial killer hidden among strangers. One is the killer, but who?...