Top Updated Adventure Games for Android (New & Rising)

Updated: February 22, 2024

New & Rising in Adventure Games for Android

Life is Strange 1.00.314.6 (Adventure Game)

Life is Strange

About: Life Is Strange is an award-winning game where your choices impact the story...

Soul Gate 230306.2 (Adventure Game) New!

Soul Gate

About: Endlessly level up powerful skills! Survival battle with infinite monsters!...

Nobodies: After Death 1.0.157 (Adventure Game)

Nobodies: After Death

About: After death, it’s time to clean up....

Amnesia: Memories 1.1.7 (Adventure Game)

Amnesia: Memories

About: The romance adventure game "Amnesia" by Otomate, a game brand for women!...

Lost Lands 9 (Adventure Game) New!

Lost Lands 9

About: A strong brotherhood is forged only in difficult trials....

Forgotten Hill Mementoes 2.0.3 (Adventure Game)

Forgotten Hill Mementoes

About: Get ready for a puzzling journey through the memory of Forgotten Hill...

Dreamwalker 2.4 (Adventure Game)


About: Traverse the dream worlds to solve a frightening mystery!...

Nightmare Gate 1.5.7 (Adventure Game)

Nightmare Gate

About: Embark on a journey to the magical realm beneath and move quietly to rescue her....

Munzee 4.1.207 (Adventure Game)


About: Munzee is a global scavenger hunt where QR codes are found and captured....

Genshin Impact 4.4.0_20481013_20559831 (Adventure Game)

Genshin Impact

About: Explore a World of Adventure...

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