Top Updated Role Playing Games for Android (New & Rising)

Updated: January 30, 2023

New & Rising in Role Playing Games for Android

Goddess Of Victory: Nikke 103.8.6 (Role Playing Game)

Goddess Of Victory: Nikke

About: Immersive Sci-Fi RPG Shooter...

Dragon Trail (Role Playing Game)

Dragon Trail

About: Half anniversary open!...

Azmar 1.0.50 (Role Playing Game)


About: Old School and Turn Based RPG adventure. Playable offline or online (pvp - coop)...

Mir4 0.355999 (Role Playing Game)


About: newly opened!...

Dynamons World 1.7.32 (Role Playing Game)

Dynamons World

About: Catch all creatures in this open world RPG game with online PvP battles....

Art of Conquest : Airships 1.24.112 (Role Playing Game)

Art of Conquest : Airships

About: A magic land with various races, terrains, and species!...

Calibria 3.2.4 (Role Playing Game)


About: High Benefit Version...

Demon Hunter: Rebirth (Role Playing Game)

Demon Hunter: Rebirth

About: Dreaming back a thousand years´╝îand coming to the immortal sanctuary....

Traha Global 1.5.45 (Role Playing Game)

Traha Global

About: The closest RVR to perfection, Traha Global...

Panilla Saga 3.9.202 (Role Playing Game)

Panilla Saga

About: Retro Real-idle RPG...

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