Top Updated Education Apps for Android (New & Rising)

Updated: March 28, 2023

New & Rising in Education Apps for Android

Memrise 2023.2.22.0 (Education App)


About: Have fun, learn fast and start speaking French, Spanish, German, Japanese...

English Praktika with ChatGPT 2.0.2 (Education App) New!

English Praktika with ChatGPT

About: Learn & Practice English language with ChatGPT-powered AI Tutors...

Geometry Formula with Practice 2.2 (Education App)

Geometry Formula with Practice

About: All basic geometry formula with appropriate figures and practices...

Deepstash 13.2.1 (Education App)


About: Daily bite-sized knowledge from books, articles, podcasts & more....

Drops 36.58 (Education App)


About: Learn a new language: Spanish, German,French, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese!...

HiNative 10.20.0 (Education App)


About: Ask questions about languages and get answers! Help other users with English!...

SoloLearn 4.41.1 (Education App)


About: Learn to code Python, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Online Code academy...

HelloTalk 5.2.22 (Education App)


About: Language learning app, language exchange by chatting with native speakers!...

CheckMath 1.49.1 (Education App)


About: Instant Homework Helper...

Pearson+ 1.2.0 (Education App)


About: Study at home and on the go...

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