Top Download Medical Apps for Android (Most Popular)

Updated: February 7, 2023

Most Popular in Medical Apps for Android

Figure 1 9.30.5 (Medical App)

Figure 1

About: The Future of Medical Education and Knowledge-Sharing...

Touch Surgery 7.2.0 (Medical App)

Touch Surgery

About: Surgical training simulator...

WebMD 11.1 (Medical App)


About: Med Reminders, Doctor Finder...

GoodRx 7.0.29 (Medical App)


About: Save Money on Medication and Prescriptions with Rx Coupons & Pharmacy Discounts...

Amazon Care (Medical App)

Amazon Care

About: Healthcare built around you....

mySugr 3.92.48 (Medical App)


About: Sync your blood glucose device, log values automatically and tame your diabetes!...

MyTherapy 3.95.103 (Medical App)


About: MyTherapy reminds you to take your meds, tablets, pills and contraceptives!...

Medscape 11.2.1 (Medical App)


About: Drug/Disease Info, News & CME...

Ada 3.22.0 (Medical App)


About: One symptom checker for all your medical problems...

Tata 1mg 16.3.0 (Medical App)

Tata 1mg

About: Health App to Buy Medicines, Book Health Tests and Consult Doctors Online...

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