Best Rated Education Apps for Android (Top Rated)

Updated: March 28, 2023

Top Rated in Education Apps for Android

Duolingo 5.85.4 (Education App)


About: Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, English and more languages for free....

Brainly 5.119.0 (Education App)


About: Solve math or science problems, learn languages, & study for your SATs & CETs...

Memrise 2023.2.22.0 (Education App)


About: Have fun, learn fast and start speaking French, Spanish, German, Japanese...

U Dictionary Translator 6.5.1 (Education App)

U Dictionary Translator

About: Translate Voice, Camera, Text...

Babbel 21.21.0 (Education App)


About: Language learning app - Learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, etc....

Hello English 1175 (Education App)

Hello English

About: Best Spoken English App. Learn English speaking, reading, writing....

ClassDojo 5.77.3 (Education App)


About: ClassDojo is a beautiful communication app for teachers, parents, and students....

Mondly 8.8.7 (Education App)


About: Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, English and 28 more languages....

Simply Piano 7.12.0 (Education App)

Simply Piano

About: The fast and easy way to master piano skills - Learn piano with songs you love...

Ruangguru 6.51.0 (Education App)


About: Online learning app for SD, SMP, SMA, SMK & preparation for tryout UTBK, SNMPTN...

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