New Added Arcade Games for Android (New Releases)

Updated: February 28, 2024

New Releases in Arcade Games for Android

Endless Nightmare 5: Curse 2.1.0 (Arcade Game) New!

Endless Nightmare 5: Curse

About: Slay demons, playing a Taoist priest to protect the peace of Eventide Village....

Mars Dash 1.12 (Arcade Game) New!

Mars Dash

About: Fun multiplayer run with friends!...

Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital 1.2.9 (Arcade Game) New!

Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital

About: Epic horror game! Survive in the hospital, beware of the dangers in the dark....

Final 5: Survival 3.6.08 (Arcade Game) New!

Final 5: Survival

About: Be the survivor & survive the zombie horde! Casual Time-survival Roguelike Game...

Tofu Survivor 1.3.2069 (Arcade Game) New!

Tofu Survivor

About: Team up with cute heroes to fight monsters, this survival game is super fun!...

Seagull Smash 3.0.2 (Arcade Game) New!

Seagull Smash

About: Escape prison & smash the city as a seagull in this endless destruction game...

Booba Rush 2023.02.02 (Arcade Game) New!

Booba Rush

About: Help BOOBA to collect CHEESE and FRUITS...

Mini Arcade 1.8.8 (Arcade Game) New!

Mini Arcade

About: Game app with hundreds of arcade mini games, 2 player games, offline mode...

Arrr 1.6 (Arcade Game) New!


About: Take command of your own pirate ship and sail the seas in search of adventure....

Aircraft Evolution 3.0.4 (Arcade Game) New!

Aircraft Evolution

About: Go through evolution from wooden airplane to futuristic fighter....

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